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Light Exhibition

Orchestral works

9th International Film Music Competition Zürich
film directed by David Vergés
Music by Salvo Gangi (©2021)
Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
Canto III vv.1-3, 9 Canto I vv. 1-27

Music by Salvo Gangi (©2021)
International Film Music Nascimbene Award 2005
film directed by De Sanctis
music by Salvo Gangi (©2005)

La Garçonniere


B r i k i n n i a 


The songs composed refer to the extraordinary places of Sicily, in particular the San Basilio hill.

Each song comes to life with the scents and suggestions that each place brings with it!

I wish you all this journey in this wonderful land

©2005  Salvo Gangi - All Rights Reserved


Finalist piece XVI National Competition 2019 Unpublished marches of the passion city of Mottola (TA)

ISBN 9780244871697 

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